Must-Visit Argentina Tourist Attractions

iguazu falls

No trip to Argentina would be complete without a visit to one of these amazing tourist destinations:

Iguaza Falls

Iguaza Falls is the most important part of the Iguaza National Park situated in the northeastern part of the country quite near to the borders of Brazil and Paraguay. It specifically lies along the borders of Argentina and Brazil.

This is one of the largest and majestic waterfalls, even taller and wider than the Niagara Falls. This is identified and safeguarded by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Devil’s Throat can give the tourists a close view of thundering falls from an accessible network of walkways and platforms.

Tieraa del Fuego National Park

Numerous hikers and tourists are attracted to the lakes, peaks, glaciers and rivers of the oldest coastal national park Tierra del Fuego National Park that is a great area of about 1,56,000 acre spreading throughout the Beagle Channel to the Chilean Border and to Lago Kami.

Adventurers take Ushuaia as the base to head either onto the hiking trails of the park or along the dramatic coastline filled with tall waterfalls, mountains and dense forests along with lakes full of glaciers. Senda Costera gives a chance to the tourists to see the rich diverse nature of wildlife.

The Southern Fuegian Railway gifts a unique steam engine ride through the visual treats of the Canadon de Toro.

Historic Cordoba Cathedral

The best stopover for trips to Andes was Cordoba, the second largest city in the country, about five hours from Buenos Aires. The finest antique building of the city is traced back to the colonial period in the 16th century.

This catches the tourist’s glance while exploring the Plaza San Martin, the historical remains of the city that has now been recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Cathedral of Cordoba is a mixture of the Neo classical styles and Baroque is one of the most beautiful and important structure of the city that is believed to belong to the Roman Catholic Church and was originally built in the 1580s.

Mar del Plata

The attractive beaches of South America lie in the modern city of Mar del Plata relatively which is situated on the Atlantic Coast around 400 kilometer away from Buenos Aires. The beautiful Grande and Chide beaches are amongst the large array spreading across for nearly more than eight kilometers.

These beautiful beaches are mostly popular because of the sea lions. The wonderful sandy beach with its lively culture has made this one of the country’s most popular bench resort. The place earlier belonged to the aristocrat class leaving behind several old mansions along with the wonderful waterfront of the new resorts of the city. There are numerous squares, garden and parks within these resorts adding up to the mesmerizing windswept dunes and cliffs.

Juan Manuel Fanigo Museum is one of the world’s best car museums in Mar Del for its exhibition of Formula One drivers and amongst others includes 500 trophies along with 100 cars.

Mar del Plata Aquarium is another attraction with shows of seals and dolphins. Other animals that draw tourist attraction are tortoises, flamingoes and penguins.