Must-Visit Brazil Tourist Attractions

brazil statue

Located in South America, Brazil covers a huge area of the continent and is ranked as the fifth largest country in the entire world.

With a sprawling coast-line, tropical weather, white beaches and an ancient charm, Brazil is quite a popular tourist attraction in the world.

It’s towns have a colonial set up and the country itself is surrounded with a unique wilderness of the rainforests, waterfalls and rare wildlife.

The Amazon rainforest pulls in a lot of tourists every year owing to its mysterious wilderness and several existing tribes.

The Latin Americans have originated from this intriguing place. Brazil was under Portuguese rule for over 300 years. The colonial towns speak vividly of the Portuguese influence in the country.

It’s popular city Rio De Janeiro is thronging with tourists round the year owing to its scenic beauty and adventure sports.

A holiday in Brazil would be the perfect mix of adventure, wildlife, scenic beauty, beach fun and a historic tour.

A trip to Brazil is incomplete without visiting the following tourist attractions:

Porto De Galinhas

The beautiful white beaches, tropical weather and natural pools attract millions of tourists round the year. It can be easily called as one of the most famous beach destinations in Brazil.

Campos Do Jordao

Located amidst the stunning Mantiqueira Mountains in Brazil, this hill station is called the Switzerland of Brazil. It’s famous Winter Festival in July attracts hordes of musicians from across the world.

Lencois Maranhenses National Park

This stunning National Park in Brazil has huge sand dunes. These dunes have clear lagoons created by the torrential rains in July giving the Park a beautiful appearance. It is not a desert which is also quite intriguing.

Florianopolis Beaches

These beaches popularly known as Floripa are thronging with tourists year round due to their interesting water sports, beach parties and excellent waves. For sun worshippers and party goers, these beaches are perfect bliss.

Museu de Arte Contemporanea

This a one of a kind Modern Art Museum in Brazil is made up in the shape of an elegant serving bowl or a UFO. The museum overlooks the city of Rio and attracts hordes of tourists year round owing to its interesting shape.

Aparados da Serra National Park

Home to Brazil’s most astounding canyon called the Itaimbezinho, this National Park was built to protect this gigantic canyon. Two stunning waterfalls emerge from these canyons and cascade into the bottom. A walk along these Canyons is quite spectacular.

Cathedral of Brasilia (Brasilia)

The most unique cathedral, the Cathedral of Brasilia does not have a very traditional form and is considered as a very innovative church of the modern times. It is designed by Dante Croce.

Copacabana (Rio de Janeiro)

A beach for the rich, this is one of the most famous beaches in the world. It has a beautiful setting of expensive hotels and homes lined along the coastline. This beach also has the most spectacular New Year’s celebrations in Rio.

Christ the Redeemer (Rio de Janeiro)

The famous statue of Jesus Christ is built at a peak of 700 meters and provides the most stunning panoramic view of the city. It has become the icon of the city of Rio in Brazil.

These and many more attractions like the Iguacu Falls, Rio Carnival, Amazon River and Pantanal are superb and worth a visit. Do not forget to include these in your itinerary in your trip to Brazil.