5 Must-Visit Cuba Tourist Attractions

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Cuba is Caribbean’s largest island and drips with history, culture and a captivating mystique. The old yet contemporary buildings and vintage cars in heritage towns evoke the feeling of country frozen in time.

Apart from beautiful old architecture this place abounds in natural beauty and its dazzling beaches and lush countryside will simply make you fall in love with this places.

With its ravishing beauty and well maintained places, Cuba is much more than just a destination! Most of its places are World Heritage sites and may be that is why it gives a peaceful trail of nature.


It is one of the most pristine beaches of Cuba which is known for its magnificent white- gold sand and crystal clear blue turquoise water. It has a natural reserve with two caves named as Cueva de Ambrosio and Cueva de Musulmanes which is an added attraction. It is a paradise for island lovers as it has lush green surroundings and a popular diving and snorkeling area too. The country’s only full golf course is situated here and is also open for deep-sea fishing.


You must have heard of this UNESCO World Heritage site which boasts of its heritage buildings and cobblestone streets which are well maintained and restored in the city centre. The place is full of art galleries, church and other souvenirs which prospered from sugar and slave trades.

Walking down the streets of Trinidad is heavenly as you get to embrace the charm of this whole town or if you love horse riding then you can charm your eyes with beautiful scenery containing palm trees, mountains and green sugar cane fields.

Parque Nacional Vinales

If you want to wander in the dramatic landscape containing steep hills and agricultural area then this place is for you. Also known by the name of Valle de Vinales, this stunning place will make your trip worthy. The agricultural farms grow tobacco, fruit and vegetables so you can also visit a local farmer and explore the surrounding area.

Santa Clara

If you want to add some depth to your Cuba itinerary excluding the beaches, towns and resorts then the place which you should add is Santa Clara. The place consists of bronze statue of Che Guevara who led the last guerrilla battle and the monument has been erected where his body was buried. There is a small museum around this monument which exhibits some of the personal items of this legend.

Castillo de San Pedro Del Morro

Located in southwest of second largest city of Cuba, Castillo de San Pedro Del Morro is the Spanish fortress of 17th Built at the shore of Bay of Santiago, this was meant to protect against pirates but also served as a prison for some short span of time. This place is now a small museum which has many cultural highlights along with widespread coffee plantations and botanical gardens.

Apart from these there are abundant of sun splashed beaches which surround the coasts of Cuba and many other places which despite of renovations have much of original interiors including the furniture, artwork and décor!