How to Prepare for Overseas Travel?

foreign travel

There is nothing better than the adventure of traveling overseas. In order to visit a foreign country on vacation, there is a lot of preparation that must be done first as trips overseas tend to be longer than domestic vacation.

This post includes some of our best tips on how to prepare your home and yourself for overseas travel in order to ensure your vacation is wonderful:


(1) Your Passport

Locate or acquire your passport as soon as possible.

If you have a passport already, find it and double check the expiration date to ensure the passport will be eligible throughout the entirety of your time overseas. If the passport is set to expire before or during the trip, you will need to begin the process of acquiring a new one.

If you don’t have a passport, you must acquire one in order to travel overseas. The process of getting a passport is pretty easy but it does require some time so you will want to start the process as soon as you know you will be visiting a foreign country.

Here is our tips on how to apply for a passport.

(2) Your Home

You need to prepare your home too. This means you should cancel your mail for the entire time of your trip overseas. You should also notify your neighbors in order for them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious around your home during the time you are gone.

Another idea is to hire a house sitter during your vacation. You can research a trusted house sitter online or pay a friend, family member of co-worker to stay in your home during your vacation.

A house sitter has many benefits as you can pay them to tidy up the home during your trip and even schedule professional services like landscaping, gardening or carpet cleaning during the vacation since your house sitter will be at your home to oversee the service. What could be better than being productive on vacation without doing any work yourself?

(3) Your Pets

If you hire a house sitter, you can have the house sitter care for your pets during your vacation overseas. If not, you will need to set up another arrangement.

You can leave your pet at home but you will need to be sure a neighbor or friend can come and visit the pet every day and feed it and let it outside for the bathroom and some exercise.

Or you can bring your pet to an animal shelter where the staff will care for it during the course of your vacation.

(4) Traveler’s Checks

You don’t want to travel with money during a trip overseas. You should exchange your money for traveler’s checks before your trip begins.

You should also purchase temporary credit cards with a preset amount on them. This way if you lose your wallet or purse or have them stolen, your information is still secure.

Unfortunately, theft is very common overseas and tourists are a primary target. Be very careful about your money and belongings during overseas travel.

(5) Internet

You can use the internet to communicate with friends and family back home. We recommend you purchase preset data to set up a hotspot at your hotel or hostel overseas.

You do not want to pay for Wi-Fi at your hotel or at a coffee shop as it is much more expensive than buying a hotspot and data and using that sparingly throughout the trip.

These are our best tips for overseas travel. There is a lot to account for for a successful overseas trip. We hope these tips help you enjoy your adventure!