5 Must-Visit Jamaica Tourist Destinations


Situated in the very lap of the Caribbean Sea, nourishing a large area of rainforests, and harboring the most appealing reef-lined beaches, Jamaica has been one of the primary tourist attractions for quite some time now.

If you want to go on a 10-12 days vacation and can’t decide where to go, Jamaica might be your solution! But do learn about the geography of Jamaica a little bit before going and plan your trip accordingly.

It seems like a small island but you really need to sort out your priorities before you go unless you want to miss a lot of good spots. Here’s a list of five tourist spots you must visit if you travel to Jamaica:

Dunn’s River Falls

This marvelous place, located near Ocho Rios offers a lot of adrenaline rush for the adventure loving crowd, as this is basically a 600 ft. river falls with natural stairs that one can climb! You can probably identify the falls from the famous rom-com, Cocktail, starring Tom Cruise! However, if you want to climb up the falls, make sure to take help from an efficient guide, and avoid risks. It will probably take you about one to one and a half hour to finish the climb.

Bob Marley Museum

It is a well known fact that Jamaica is the home to reggae music and also the home to the legendary reggae musician Bob Marley. The Bob Marley Museum in Jamaica’s capital Kingston is the Mecca for Reggae lovers and music lovers in general. The best thing about the museum is that it is made in the place of Marley’s original studio where he recorded many a songs. But do check the timings of the museum before going to make sure it’s not closed.

Dolphin Cove Jamaica

Have you ever thought how amazing it could have been to swim with the dolphins? Well, the Dolphin Cove near Ocho Rio is going to give you just that! Dolpin Cove is a wonderful marine park where you can play with the dolphins in their natural habitat! Not just dolphins; this place offers you many other sea creatures like stingrays and sharks! You can even ride a glass-bottom boat to have a wonderful view of the sea life.

The Beaches

Jamaican beaches, such as, Frenchman’s cove, Montego Bay beach, Reggae beach, Winifred beach, Boston bay beach and so on are the best places for a nice and relaxing beach vacation, and for having some sand between your toes. At some of these beaches, you can even have a luxury cruise experience and spend a couple of days, floating in the wild Caribbean Sea.

Blue Mountain Peak

Though Jamaica is mostly popular for beach vacation, it does not disappoint the mountain lovers as well! It is one of the highest peaks in the Caribbean islands and therefore a frequented site for the adventure lovers and hikers. You can even go on camping in the Blue Mountain and live in the lap of nature for a couple of days.

So, that’s about it! Book your ticket to Jamaica already and have a great time!